26 July 2001

american anglican woes

Stop and pray to Christ for his and our brothers and sisters within American Anglicanism. Things have changed considerably since the days of Cranmer or Hooker and the wonderful Reformation witness of ecclesia anglicana.

Many orthodox parishes and dioceses are struggling with the wider Episcopal (ECUSA) church due to doctrinal errors, canonical disputes, women's ordination, forced episcopal visitations, loss of property upon leaving the denomination, and the like. The recent events concerning Christ Church in Accokeek, Maryland are only a more extreme example of the kinds of things that are being experienced in lesser ways elsewhere (for up-to-date news, consult the website of the American Anglican Council). The efforts of reform and renewal groups like the AAC or Forward in Faith (as well as the somewhat more irregular Anglican Mission in America), all face tremendous challenges.

Continue to pray. The 1928 BCP first "Prayer for the Church Universal" might be a good place to start.