15 August 2001

family ecumenism

My wife's family is a veritable ecumenical conference.

Her oldest brother, Tom, is an Anglican priest (ACC), now working in North Carolina (ECUSA), whose wife is a professor of Biblical Studies at Barton College.

Jerry is a Lutheran (ELCA) pastor (see the previous post).

Robin and her husband are former missionaries in Latin American (with MAF) and now work for a non-denominational charismatic church in York, Pennsylvania.

Steve and his wife are busily involved with a congregation in Fredericksburg, Virginia that's part of the United Methodist church (UMC).

My wife and I are Presbyterians (PCA) though on the decidedly liturgical and sacramental end of spectrum within our denomination.

Her parents are now in a PCA congregation in Florida, but before that had been Southern Baptists (SBC) for many years.

It sure makes family reunions interesting.