22 August 2001

confessing church

Noteworthy news.

The number of mainline Presbyterians (PCUSA) committed to the Confessing Church Movement within the denomination as of today (at least 261,716) now exceeds the total number of members that belong to the more conservative PCA (at least 260,885).

The Confessing Church Movement (PCUSA) began this past March 29th and has grown at a tremendous pace since that time, especially after this summer's 2001 General Assembly. The Movement stands for biblical authority, the exclusive claims of Christ, and traditional Christian ethics, especially in the area of sexuality.

Interestingly, the average size of a congregation in the Confessing Church Movement (PCUSA) is currently 333 members. The average size of a PCA congregation is only 204.

I'm not sure how significant such statistics are in the overall scheme of things, but they struck me as underlining the importance of continuing to pray for our many brothers and sisters in the mainline denominations, especially as they work for the reformation of their respective communions. After all, St. Paul directed his efforts "first to the Jews, then also to the Greeks" - first to his fellow covenant members, no matter how far astray, and then also to those outside that community.

Should our priorities be any different?