15 August 2001

family fun

We're back from visiting family in Virginia and, before that, playing hosts to visiting family here in Philadelphia.

Last week we took two of our nephews to the Franklin Institute, a science museum here in Philly, and fun was had by all. The museum is older and a bit run-down here and there, but between the beautiful 1930's Beaux Arts façade and its various features and exhibits, the Franklin Institute is still a great museum: Sky-bike, Magic: the Science of Illusion exhibit, walk-through heart, 3-D theater, planetarium, IMAX, electric show, and so on.

While in Virginia we went in-line skating, the first time for me. I hadn't been on any kind of skates since 5th grade (yes, that was more than 20 years ago...don't remind me) and back then I spent most of the time sprawled on the floor. Somehow I've managed to become more coordinated with age - I even went skateboarding over the weekend. Perhaps the X Games have inspired me.