14 September 2001

I haven't posted anything in a bit. The past few days have been busy and tiring.

The bulk of Wednesday was spent with my classes of students, trying to help them process what has happened. They had many good questions and thoughtful responses. But it was an exhausting day.

Fortunately, in the meantime, the pastoral counseling class I'm taking has met. We had a guest lecturer, but she was very helpful. She knew most of us are involved in teaching, counseling, or other care-giving and hadn't had the time to stop and express our own feelings, thoughts, fears, and anger. At the end of class we all prayed together.

Today things are returning to somewhat more normal patterns, but the events of the week along with the gray skies and drizzle continue to dampen the spirit of the campus. Our Friday liturgy begins in a few moments and I am thankful for the time to worship together with some of my students in memory of those who have perished.