21 September 2001

I've been playing around with the various tests over at "Select Smart." There are quizzes to determine your leanings with regard to literature, philosophy, religion, politics, etc.

My results:

Religion Selector: Apparently I lean towards Orthodoxy or Catholicism (100%) and, secondarily, toward mainline to conservative Protestantism (98%). Hmm.

Evangelicalism Selector: It says I'm closest to the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod with the Orthodox Presbyterians a close second.

Ethical Philosophy Selector: Aquinas (100%), Aristotle (79%), and Augustine (78%). No surprise there.

Metaphysical Philosophy Selector: #1 Aquinas, #2 Berkeley, #3 Locke, #4 Augustine. Interesting list.

Ivy League Selector: University of Pennsylvania came in first! (Good thing too, since it's my alma mater).

Middle East Politics Selector: I'd make a good moderate Palestinian peace-activist.

I tried seven different political quizzes and came out as "Christian socialist," "socialist," "social-liberal," "liberal," "libertarian," "centrist," and "neo-conservative" depending upon the quiz I took. Since I think I have a coherent political philosophy, perhaps this just shows how impoverished our current political choices really are.

SelectSmart link thanks to jimhart3000