20 November 2001

In the comments on this blog, several people have praised the glories of the 1662 Anglican Book of Common Prayer. For those who would like to look at that prayer book in greater detail, it is available on-line by clicking the link above. While I do like the 1662 prayer very much, I would prefer a version of it with the language updated a bit.

One of the interesting features of that prayer book, however, is the catechism that forms part of it. This particular Anglican catechism was first composed in 1549, enlarged in 1604 (adding the section on the sacraments) and revised a bit for the 1662 BCP. As such, in its initial version, it was composed shortly after Calvin's Genevan catechism (1545) and predates the Heidelberg Catechism (1563). The 1549 version is also available on-line. It would have been the catechism on which a number of later Anglican and Puritan divines were raised.