11 February 2002

I've been thinking about the Reformed doctrine of election as of late (what else is new?), as well as some related topics such as how the distinction between "visible church" and "invisible church" seems to sometimes function in Reformed discussions.

If that weren't enough, various sources I've run into in the past several days keeping bringing the issues to my attention.

Here are some web-based discussions, thoughts, and resources for reflection, for interested parties, particularly those coming from a Reformed perspective or background and enmeshed within the dynamics and questions of that tradition.

(The inclusion of any particular resource here does not necessarily imply full endorsement.)Aurelius Augustine, "On Rebuke and Grace"

John Barach, "Baptism and Election"

S. Joel Garver, "A Brief Catechesis on Covenant and Baptism"

Mark Horne, "Of The Church: An Exposition of Chapter XXV of the Westminster Confession of Faith"

Mark Horne, "Reflections on the Importance of Predestination in the Christian Mindset"

Addition: Rich Lusk, "Hebrews 6:4-8: New Life and Apostasy"

Wayne (Toshikazu) Olson, et al, 11 February 2002 post and comments, Toshikazu blog

Telford Work, "Annunciation as Election"
I also recommend John Barach's tape from the Pastor's Conference that was held at Auburn Avenue PCA this January.