06 February 2002

Outside of conservative Reformed and popular evangelical circles, I haven't been able to find many theologically-oriented weblogs (well, Jeremy has that Orthodox thing going and Brian is seeking greener pastures). But I haven't spent loads of time looking, either.

Fortunately, AKM Adam somehow managed to stumble across my site and has linked to me. For those who don't know, the Rev. Dr. Adam is a professor of NT at Seabury-Western Seminary, an Episcopal seminary in Illinois. He's the author of numerous articles and books, many concerning postmodern biblical studies, including What Is Postmodern Biblical Criticism? (Fortress, 1995). To be honest, this last item is the only thing by him that I've read, though the two volumes he's recently edited look quite useful.

Now, if only he can hook me up with some other good "theoblog" links, I'll be a happy camper.