13 February 2002

This made me chuckle. On his blog, Peri Doxas, AKMA observes how unwarranted is the sharp distinction some people make between "merely knowing someone on-line" and "really knowing them face-to-face," as if knowing someone on-line wasn't really knowing them at all.

But, writes AKMA regarding his on-line presence:This is me. This is what I'm like when you can't see my face, or hear my voice, but can make out the words I'm scrawling on your computer screen and can tell from the color scheme and logo that I teach at Seabury-Western Theological Seminary.Quite right.

I recall a conversation I had with a student who was complaing about how petty and superficial his roommate is. He said he wished he could get to know the "real" person. I suggested that, despite a century of Freudian psychology, maybe pettiness and superficiality are the real person. Even if those things are masks, donning a mask can be as much a part of who you are as cultivating one's interior life.

Of course, when that happens, it is sad since we have a conception of what a fully human life should look like and the potential for something more.