09 April 2002

I had pretty much given up blogging for Lent, but then Easter rolled around and I found that the desire to blog had not yet returned with the force it once had. So, I've been terribly delinquent about it.

But, now since my wife has put me on the spot, I suppose I shall have to try to get back in the habit again.

The "news" to which she refers is that La Salle University (the school where I primarily teach already) has offered me a full-time position. It's not tenure-track, but it is full-time with commensurate pay and benefits. Up until now, I was merely an "adjunct" professor who was paid per course taught and without benefits (or my own office).

Given that the youngest Garver is on his or her way this August, the assistant professor position, starting in August, couldn't come at a better time. For a being who exists outside of time, God really has a good sense of timing.