14 May 2002

Final grades are in (as of yesterday). Now I turn in full force to the major project for this week: re-modeling a third floor room that was serving as a storage space. We're turning it into a guest bedroom so that the current guest bedroom can become a nursery. The room, however, is in terrible shape.

A dropped ceiling had been added along with extremely ugly paneling sometime during the 1960's or 70's. In the process all the lovely original trim (baseboards, moldings around the windows and doors) had been removed and a transom covered up. I've already removed the ceiling and paneling. The walls underneath are not in great shape, with layers of the past 85 years of wallpaper peeling and chunks of plaster loose and falling out. I did, however, uncover a closet, explaining the mysterious couple of feet between the inside and outside walls of the room.

Today I'll begin peeling off the old wallpaper and repairing the plaster. Baseboards and moldings will be added to reproduce the originals. I'm giving up on the original ceiling, but will be adding embossed tiles to cover it, thus retaining most of the original 9 foot height of the room (much of which had been lost with the dropped ceiling). I'm still trying to figure out precisely what to do with the closet, which is too shallow for modern use. We have some friends coming on Saturday (with power tools) to help in bumping out the closet a bit for extra storage as well as anything else that remains to be done.