04 May 2002

I've just spent way too much time updating the list of blogs to the left.

In part this is Martin Roth's fault for blogging about Christian bloggers and providing quite a long list of them (a lot of you fellow-bloggers are on his list). So, I had to go and look at them all.

In general I read and link to blogs that talk about stuff I enjoy--intelligent theological relfections, critical and constructive philosophy, cultural commentary--or are written by people I know. I'm usually more attracted to those who construct their philosophical and theological perspectives within some kind of definite tradition--thus most of the bloggers I've added turn out to be Roman Catholic. Like most Reformed bloggers, Catholics are functioning within a particular confessional tradition with it's own intellectual heritage and that is something I can relate to, grasp, and interact with in a way that is interesting and useful to me. I wish there were more Lutherans, Anglicans, and Orthodox blogging about their own faith traditions, but there don't seem to be many of them.

I've tended to leave out bloggers who simply emote or give personal reflections on how their day went--not to imply a value judgment or anything. Such blogging may be personally quite helpful to them and interesting to those who know them. I also have not included those blogs that simply compile links to other pages of news and the like. Nor have I included those blogs solely devoted to political commentary, which I quickly find very tiresome. I also left out the couple of blogs that had mastheads juxtaposing the flags of the US and the state of Israel since I find that a bit scary.

In any case, blogs galore. Enjoy.