03 June 2002

A few words about Star Wars and Spider-man. Since every other blogger seems to weighed in on these already, I don't have a lot to add.

I liked both movies.

With regard to Star Wars, Episode II was better than the first one. Less Jar-Jar. More Jedi. Less cutsie-ness. More conflict and intrigue. Yoda kicks butt. Padme Amidala shows where Leia got her tough streak. The love story was excruciatingly sappy and Hayden Christiansen (Anakin) ought to have be spanked more regularly as a child. But I'm most interested in how the overall shape of the plot is developing and I'm looking forward to getting all the missing pieces in Episode III.

I have no objective opinion on Spider-man.

I've always loved the comic books and cartoon series. I guess I'm a complete sucker for a story about a nerdy, smart guy who has super-powers on the side. If I'd been more of a science guy and less in the humanities, I probably would have wanted to be Peter Parker as a kid. I also like Tobey Maguire a lot since he seems fairly ordinary and normal as folks go. So, the movie would have had to have flubbed it up big-time for me not to like it. But it didn't. It's really quite a good film, strong plot, decent characterizations, and certainly better dialogue than Star Wars (especially the love story). Personally, I liked the special effects that some people have complained about--I thought they really caught the cartoon quality of it all.

Someone mentioned O Brother, Where Art Thou?. Great film. Own it. Have watched it numerous times. Buy the soundtrack.