01 June 2002

It's taken me a while to report back, I suppose. The week, however, has been rather busy.

I'll start with the movie Ultiamte X. For those who don't know, Ultimate X is an IMAX format film that features highlights from the 2001 X-Games, which were held here in Philadelphia (as they will be again this year--woo hoo!). The movie, which was being shown at the Franklin Institute science museum, focused on moto x, BMX, street luge, and, of course, skateboarding. It was a montage of interviews with various athletes (Tony Hawk, Kerry Getz, etc.) interspersed with incredible footage of the competition itself, all on a 5-story high IMAX screen.

I took my 12 year old nephew Zach to the movie with me since he's a great kid, lives nearby, and is really into skateboarding, BMX, snowboarding, etc. Afterwards we swung by LOVE park to view the atrocity that the city has foolishly perpetrated.

Then Zach and I trekked to South Philly to visit the skate area in FDR park which always is busy on the weekend full of folks from age 8 into their early 30s, several of whom are usually impressively skilled. It's a great little park, open to the public, with two half pipes and a large concrete skateboarding area that includes a couple of bowls and a wall with an overhang, among other terrain. I think the urban setting intimidated Zach a bit, but I suspect he'll be asking to come back, skateboard in hand.