28 June 2002

Today begins Philadelphia's ten-day long "Welcome America!" celebration in honor of the nation's up-coming birthday.

It is a panoply of free events, to name a few:
  • neighborhood jazz concerts

  • a fitness festival

  • an ice cream festival

  • a celebration of America's religious diversity and freedom

  • a celebration of the spoken word

  • a town crier competition

  • outdoor films

  • a summer mummers' parade

  • a fashion show

  • orchestra concerts

  • opera exhibitions

  • a display of a copy of the Magna Carta from 1297

  • the bestowal of the Philly Liberty Medal to Colin Powell

  • a July 4th parade

  • several massive fireworks displays

  • Revolutionary War re-enactments at Fort Mifflin

  • a 1902 July 4th party

  • several large pop concerts

  • an arts festival

  • a Gospel music extravaganza

So, if you plan on being in the Philly area anytime between today and July 7th, don't miss out. If you're from out of town, let me know you're coming since I always love to show off my fair city to visitors.