18 July 2002

From Russ, a quotation from Pierre Jurieu (1637-1713), a French Reformed theologian who taught theology at the Academy of Sedan, which was opposed to the Academy of Saumur where Amyraut taught (edited slightly for clarity):God ordinarily confers His grace at the time in which He represents it: the elect infants of those in covenant are, previous to their Baptism, children of wrath; they are not loved by God with the love of complacency till they are baptized and washed from those stains, with which we are all born.

By Baptism the liability arising from original sin is so removed: [a] that none who are baptized are condemned on account of original sin, [b] that infants legitimately baptized and dying in infancy are certainly saved and that this baptism is an indubitable proof of their election, [c] that baptism is as necessary to salvation as food to life or medicine to healing, [d] that God can and does save some infants without baptism—but this is done in an extraordinary way.
Something tells me Reformed theologians today would be far less keen to say something of that sort.