23 August 2002

Fatherhood is loads of fun, despite the 3am feedings, messy diapers, and a general feeling of disorientation that comes with a first child. But Claire is very precious and I love her dearly. She seems to be quite a serious baby thus far, very alert, taking in the world around her soberly and carefully.

Unfortunately, the school year starts on Monday, so my time with Claire will soon be more limited. Still, I am very much looking forward to this year, with greater enthusiasm than I have been able to muster the past several semesters. My role in the Core Curriculum is exciting and I look forward to working with both of the professors with whose courses my sections are linked.

As usual, I am busy these last few days putting finishing touches on syllabi, schedules of reading, and so on. Additionally, I've almost finished re-designing my main website, bringing it closer in style to this blog and making it, I hope, easier on the eyes and to navigate.