02 August 2002

Here's one of these things:

1. Saddest movie you've seen: Wit would have to be somewhere near the top of the list, though I always find Edward Scissorhands strangely touching.

2. Funniest movie you've seen: Hmm...that's difficult to say. I've always laughed at '80s John Hughes films, with Ferris Bueller's Day Off at the top of the list. But I also like Mel Brooks, Woody Allen, and Monty Python. So there's no accounting for taste.

3. Irrational fears you had as a child: I used to think there was a "snow monster" who lived in our basement and that he would attack me and carry me off into another dimension if I went down there after dark. I'm also still terrified of spiders to an absolutely irrational degree (i.e., involving jumping on top of furniture and screaming like a girl).

4. Was there a book you had as a child that you were scared to read because the pictures were scary? No. I like scary pictures. Except ones of spiders. They make me scream and throw the book across the room. I did always dread coming to the end of the Narnia Chronicles because everyone went further up and further in and I couldn't go with them and I would miss them terribly (and then there was poor Susan who had fallen away).

5. If you could have one talent in the world, it would be... The ability to skateboard like Tony Hawk (or do moto x like Travis Pastrana).

6. Language I'd most like to master in my lifetime: Latin. I'm partway there.

7. What is your favorite city? Philly, of course. Duh.

8. What is your favorite memory about the city in #7? The bicentenial was pretty cool. Other than that, all the times my folks took me to museums, plays, concerts, galleries, historic sites, and so on growing up.

9. Do you root for the favorite or the underdog? The underdog. I like to see the little guy kick butt.

10. Left-handed people are: The best and brightest people in the world. Right-handers have no idea how impoverished their world really is.

11. Animal you'd most like to see on the endangered species list: To protect or get rid of? To protect: lemurs. To get rid of: scorpions.

12. Milk chocolate or dark chocolate? Dark. The darker the better, though not quite to the point of make-your-mouth-seize-up and nearly pass out with the bitterness. But dark nonetheless.

13. Movie with worst casting decision: AI. Steven Spielberg should never have been cast as the director.

14. Most interesting foreign accent: I like Scottish accents from the really seedy, poor parts of urban Glasgow or Edinburgh because, even though it's English, you can't tell.

15. Rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, well, or just plain tartare? Medium rare.

16. Have you ever had fondue? Yes. Fruit with melted chocolate. Mmmmm.

17. Something interesting you've learned listening to NPR: There's so much I can't remember since I feel like a learn something new every day on NPR. I do like learning about quirky things, however, like the odd things in people's lives you hear about on "This American Life."