14 August 2002

Since lots of other folks are doing this and I just don't have the mental energy at the moment to say anything philosophical or theological:

95 Theses

1) Name: Stephen Joel Garver.
2) Dad's Name: Bruce Allen Garver.
3) Mom's Name: Margaret (Peggy) Ann M. Garver.
4) Birthday: Labor Day, 1969.
5) Last time you showered: This morning at 8:45 am.
6) What color pants do you have on right now? Medium blue denim jeans shorts.
7) What song are you listening to right now? The radio just played "Under Pressure" by Bowie.
8) Last four digits in your phone: 1331 at my office, but it's going to change soon.
9) Last thing you ate: Leftover homemade Pad Thai.
10) Weirdest name you have ever heard: Of someone I've met, "Wesley Parrot."
11) Fav. radio station: NPR for news, etc.; for music it depends on mood.
12) If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Olive green.
13) Last movie you saw? We just got back from seeing Signs, which was an intriguing film. On video, the last I saw was Love's Labours Lost.
14) Where do you want to go on your honeymoon? We went to Montreal and Quebec City.
15) Have you ever been in love? Still am.
16) Who do you want to marry right now? Bigamy is illegal.
17) Last book you read? Richard Hays, The Moral Vision of the New Testament.
18) Do you have a pager? No.
19) Lava lamp? Never, though I think they're nifty.
20) How many bud's on your buddy list? Currently 11.
21) What's the weather? Very humid and nearly 100ºF.
22) What did you do last night? Interviewed a pediatrician, ate out at a diner, came home, e-mailed, chatted, watched "Frasier," went to bed.
23) Who are you talking to online right now? Nobody now. But I was chatting with Berek Smith earlier today (though it was about 3am in Japan--get yourself to bed, kid!).
24) Name backwards: Revrag Leoj Nehpets
25) Screen name: YIM and AIM: garvers1
26) Sexiest thing about the opposite sex? An empathetic, yet strong personality. Nice eyes and laugh. A curvy figure isn't bad either.
27) If you had a genie what wish would you make? More wishes. Duh.
28) Fav. CD: Difficult to say. I really like Afro-Celt Sound System.
29) Where ya going tomorrow? Hopefully to take a certain person to the hospital in order to meet my daughter.
30) Whom do you most admire? Personally, my folks. Historically, Francis of Assisi.
31) Are you happy? Deliriously so. Except when I'm not.
32) What are you looking forward to this summer? The summer's almost over. But I'm looking forward to meeting a particular person who will be very young when we first meet.
33) Would you pierce your nose, tongue or belly button? Eyebrow, if I weren't so pain adverse.
34) Be serious or funny? I'm fairly serious, but have my funny moments, like the time I got in line at a theology conference where Mike Horton was signing books and I had him sign Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who.
35) Boxers or briefs? Calvin Klein trunk-style briefs.
36) Whole or Skim Milk? Skim, lactose-reduced.
37) Simple or complicated? Yes.
38) Law or anarchy? False antithesis. Politically I'm a sort of Christian socialist anarchist, but in a very conservative law-abiding kind of way, I suppose.
39) Grey or Gray? Grey.
40) Night or Day? Evening.
41) Color or black and white photos? Black and white.
42) Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset. I can't remember the last time I saw the sun rise.
43) Rap or Rock? Rock.
44) Stay up late or early? Late. But not as late as I used to. Though something tells me my sleep schedule is about to be shot to hell.
45) Is it POP or SODA? Definitely soda, though I generally don't touch the stuff.
46) X or O in Tic-Tac-Toe? X.
47) Eat an apple or an orange? Apple. But I prefer bananas.
48) What came first the chicken or the egg? Egg. Scrambled. I usually don't eat meat until at least lunchtime.
49) Tall or short guys/girls? My girl is about medium.
50) Sun or moon? Moon. I sunburn in about 20 minutes.
51) Emerald or ruby? Niether. Garnet or sapphire.
52) Pants or shorts? Depends on season and context. Prefer shorts.
53) Left or right? Left-handed.
54) 10 acquaintances or 1 best friend? Both.
55) Vanilla or chocolate ice cream? I'm not a big fan of ice cream, but if I have it, it's usually chocolate, but only if I can get really, really dark, fudgy chocolate.
56) Green beans or carrots? Beans.
57) Hair in pony tail or leave it down? Short. Thinning.
58) Silver jewelry or gold jewelry? White gold and platinum.
59) Kids or no kids? Kids.
60) Dogs or cats? One of each.
61) Half-full or half-empty? Half-full.
62) Mustard or Ketchup? Ketchup on fries. Mustard only if it is country style dijon.
63) Hardcover books or soft cover books? In an ideal world with an unlimited budget, hardcover.
64) Newspaper or magazine? Internet.
65) Catsup or Ketchup? Ketchup.
66) Sandals or sneakers? Sneakers.
67) Wonder or amazement? Wonder.
68) Red car or white car? Turquoise.
69) Happy and poor or rich and sad? Happy and poor.
70) Singing or dancing? Singing.
71) Hug or kiss? Hugs.
72) Corduroy or plaid? Corduroy in pants. Plaid in a kilt.
73) Happy or sad? Content.
74) Live or die? Life, but of course true life is a continual death to self.
75) Ben Affleck or Matt Damon? For what? I'll take either if he'll clean my house and help me grade papers.
76) Fav. person online: Lone Xylophone.
77) Braces? For six miserable years.
78) Fav movies: I answered that before. Look it up.
79) Fav. Drink: Gin and tonic.
80) Fav. Musical: West Side Story.
81) Fav. Car: Mini Cooper.
82) Fav. TV show: I don't watch much TV, though I enjoying that British programme about veterinarians.
83) What color hair do you prefer for the opposite sex? Light brown.
84) Coke or Pepsi? I don't drink much soda and I prefer Birch Beer.
85.) Fav. store in the mall: Pottery Barn.
86) Fav. store anywhere: Amazon.com.
87) Siblings: Nope. Not that I know of.
88) Did this survey suck? Big time.
89) Least fav. subject in school? Math.
90) Thing you hate to admit that's true about you that's embarrassing? I tend to over-intellectualize.
91) Would you rather be single or taken? I'm already taken.
92) Do u have a b/f / g/f? I think a wife would qualify as a girlfriend.
93) Who is the last person you talked to on the phone: Sylvia Duggan.
94) How many email addresses do you have? Three.
95) Do you keep your car messy or clean? A bit messy. I'm not a neat freak about the car.