17 September 2002

As Laurel noted on her blog, Claire was baptized into the covenant on Sunday! What a blessing and she was such a good little girl throughout. One of the other kids gave quite a yell, but that, of course, is just the devil coming out.

We had a nice party afterwards at which my father (who is a PCA pastor), prayed the following words of thanksgiving and blessing from the 1566 Dutch Reformed baptismal rite: Almighty God and merciful Father, we thank you and praise your name for having forgiven our sins through the blood of your dear Son, Jesus Christ. We thank you for uniting us with Christ through your Holy Spirit and adopting us as your children, and we thank you for sealing and confirming these blessings to us and our children in the sacrament of baptism.

We pray, O Lord, that you will always govern this child by your Holy Spirit. May she, through your guidance, be so nurtured in the Christian faith and godliness as to grow and develop in Jesus Christ. Help her see your fatherly goodness and mercy which surrounds us all. Make her a champion of righteousness under the direction of Jesus Christ, our chief teacher, eternal king, and only high priest. Give her the courage to fight against and overcome sin, the devil, and his whole dominion. May her life become an eternal song of praise to you, the one only true God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.
I only wish the PCA rite of baptism in the Book of Church Order were as well-written.