29 September 2002

The Celtic Classic was a lot of fun. We also had bought a digital camera several days ago, so I was able to take some pictures at the festival.

The first group we heard in the morning was DanĂș, a traditional Irish band from County Waterford, composed of seven young guys, very loyal to traditional music. Here they are in the midst of a reel:

Later in the day we really enjoyed Slainte Mhath (pronounced "slawncha va"), who were great fun. They are also a very young group, from Cape Breton in Canada, and combine very traditional Celtic music (mostly Scottish) with contemporary sound, bringing together bagpipes, fiddle, mandolin, and bodhran with electric guitar, keyboards, percussion, and electronica. Here they are complete with a highland bagpipe decorated in smiley faces:

In the evening we finished up with Clandestine, a four person Celtic folk group from Texas, who will stop touring after this year. We had enjoyed them a lot in past years and they didn't disappoint:

Of course, we had Claire along with us, now six weeks old. She seems to have enjoyed the music and festivities quite a bit, even managing to overcome her serious nature and smile a wee bit:

We also all very much enjoyed watching the Irish dancers from Maureen O'Grady School of Irish Dance:

If you click on the image you'll be able to play a short video clip of the dancers, also captured on the new camera (mpeg format). I'm only going to leave the video up a short time, though, since it eats up a lot of my server space.