01 September 2002

We don't own either a scanner or a digital camera, so this has taken a little while. I'm also terrible at remembering to take pictures. But this afternoon we had dinner over at my folks and they have a scanner. Here, then, is a picture of baby Claire Elise, taken on August 17 when she was only about 12 hours old:

The name "Claire" means "bright" or "clear." It was also the name of Clare of Assisi who was a companion and follower of St. Francis, founding a religious order of sisters sharing his vision. "Elise" is a French transformation of the Hebrew name "Elizabeth," which means "oath of God" or "consecrated to God." It was also the name of the mother of John the Forerunner and cousin to the Mother of our Lord.

"Claire Elise" is, of course, also a variation upon "Clara Elizabeth." The relevance there is that baby Claire's great-great-grandmother was Clara Elizabeth Schnable McWilliams. Here is a picture of her, taken around 1900: