21 October 2002

Philly's Mural Arts Program

The stress of the past several days, along with exposure to a hosptial full of sick kids, seems to have taken its toll on Laurel who has come down with some kind of stomach virus. Happily, I have today and tommorow off for our autumn mid-semester break, giving me the chance to help out with things.

This morning that meant taking some pages she had brought home to work on and running them down to her workplace. There's a press deadline looming this week and things were already behind.

The drive down to center city reminded me that this is "Mural Arts Month" in Philadelphia. Here are two murals near Laurel's workplace:

Philadelphia now has the largest number of public murals in the country, exceeding Los Angeles in the past year or so. What were once blank walls next to parking areas or vacant lots, sometimes scarred with graffiti, now feature often stunning murals celebrating the arts, local heros, community endeavors, and themes of beauty and hope.

For more on Philadelphia's mural arts program visit our Mural Arts website. Be sure to tour the extensive galleries of these wonderful works of public art. And if you ever visit Philly, let me know. I'd be more than happy to take you on a tour.