24 November 2002

Autumn Walk

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon: cool, crisp, sunny, with the scent of wet soil in the air, leaves crunching underfoot, and the last remnants of fall color left in the now mostly bare trees. Though we live in Philadelphia, the city boasts one of the largest stretches of urban parkland of any city, and it all lies at the end of our block:

Thus it seemed the perfect day to take the dog along as Laurel and I went for a nice long walk, with baby Claire in her carrier, held tight to her mommy's chest:

Though most the trees now stand as empty dark branches and twigs against the sky, the ground remains strewn with the remains of the bright hues of autumn, like a collage:

About halfway through our walk we passed by what is known as "Kelpius' Cave"--it's stone entrance leading into the side of a hill, where Johannes Kelpius sought shelter and solitude for his meditations in the late 1600s, after his arrival in Philadelphia:

According to the stone monument, Kelpius was the founder and first minister of a group of Rosicrucians in America, then known as the "Monks of the Ridge," referring to the high ridge upon which this part of the city is built.

After about an hour of hiking the trails, climbing over fallen trunks, and crossing trickling streams, we made our way home. We are always grateful to have such immediate access to the glories of God's creation only just outside our door.