11 November 2002

Extra Calvinisticum

I was in the process of blogging something about divergences and convergences between Lutheran and Calvinistic christology...but, alas, the post seems to have been lost.

In any case, the term "extra calvinisticum" was the term used (pejoratively) by Lutherans to refer to the Reformed teaching that divinity of the one divine Person of Christ was not bounded by his humanity, but went "beyond" (extra). While both Lutherans and Reformed sought to understand Christology within the limits set by the definition of Chalcedon, the Calvinist emphasis on "without confusion" tended to push them in a direction that Lutherans saw as incipiently Nestorian, while the Lutheran emphasis on "without separation" tended to push them in a direction that Calvinists saw as incipiently Monophysite.

I had planned on saying more on that, attempting to sweep away misunderstandings and caricatures in order for our real agreements and disagreements to be made more clear. But what I had written was lost. So perhaps some other time.