07 November 2002


Joel is being yet another copycat. Joel is doing this "googlism" thing. Joel is listing the results below:

  • joel is fuming mad (grrrr)

  • joel is still angry (after all, one doesn't easily get over being fuming mad)

  • joel is a really cool person (yeah...tell me something I don't already know)

  • joel is the largest australian owned auction house (ozzy, ozzy, ozzy! oy, oy, oy!)

  • joel is visited by a man in a devil suit who demands candy (I said he could have some if I could have his soul)

  • joel is cool wednesday june 27 (dang, and I had hoped it would last)

  • joel is earning his chess federation seargent stripes by bashing all comers (drop and give me a white bishop to E6, private!)

  • joel is manufactured by todd smith products in cleveland (so that's why I'm adopted)

  • joel is not amused when maggie takes over his birthing class (repeat after me: "I want an epidural")

  • joel is the one and the only quintessential studmuffin (what can I say?)

  • joel is not in fact a rabbi (though I play one on TV)

  • joel is coming to terms with taking medication for ADD and is prickly about it (you mention Ritalin again and I'll pound you)

  • joel is planning to open an upper crust pimp house in manhattan (but I promise not to hit my 'ho's with my pimp stick)

  • joel is married to frances mcdormand (shhh...don't tell Laurel)

  • joel is afraid (eek)

  • joel is best known as the lead singer of stewart mckenzie's east coast band (and you thought I was just a philosopher)

  • joel is certainly not one of the most overrated pop idols (no, in fact I'm dreadfully underrated)

  • joel is also a total care facility providing for as many as 60 children (well...after the paternity suit...)

  • joel is trapped on the satellite of love (orbiting planet Elvis)