18 November 2002

John Bell of Glen Rose Farm links some beautiful black and white photographs of the Russian Orthodox monastery at Valaam in Russia. I particularly liked this one:

The monastery is about a 1000 years old, though the present main structure dates from the late 1800's. During the Soviet era, after the Second World War the island on which the monastery sits was ceded to the USSR and was unoccupied by monks from 1944 until 1989.

Russian Orthodoxy at present is full of both great promise and serious problems, as it adjusts to post-Soviet Russia, which allows for both a renewal of historic Russian faith, especially among the young, and the problematics of an institution that has had a long history of unfortunate collusion, nationalism, and xenophobia. There is also a Reformed presence in Russia, along with other manifestations of the historic Christian faith. May God bring blessing to his church in Russia in all its various branches.