17 November 2002

Quiz Answers

I've closed out the "Friend Test," so if you entered your e-mail address, you should get a copy of the answers. To my amazment, 37 people took the quiz. Here are the answers.

[1] Besides Pennsylvania, I have only ever lived in New York State, during graduate school. 21 of you got that right. 9 said Virginia, 5 Ohio, and 2 Missouri. I've never even visited Missouri.

[2] My first name is Stephen, though I've always gone by "Joel." 30 of you answered that correctly. 3 answered "Sinclair," 2 said "Samuel," and one each said "Stafford" and "Calvin."

[3] If our baby had been a boy, I would have liked to have named him "Alaric," after the Visogoth who sacked Rome. Only 6 of you got that right. 16 of you said "Tristan," which was actually on our short list of boy names. 7 suggested "Bucer," which is really cool, I think, though Laurel vetoed it. 5 said "Bonaventure" and 3 said "Padraig" (Irish for "Patrick").

[4] I teach at La Salle University as 35 of you answered correctly. I know one person accidently marked "St Joe's" and another answered "Villanova."

[5] Laurel and I met through a bookclub associated with our church, which 16 of you got right. 12 of you thought we met during college. 4 said a prayer meeting--how pious! 4 also said a Pearl Jam concert--which Laurel would never have attended (our tastes in music diverge at some significant points). And one weirdo suggested we met through an internet dating service.

[6] Nietzsche is my favorite 19th century philosopher among those listed, which 11 of you figured out. 12 of you said "Schopenhauer" (can someone actually like Schopenhauer?). 11 said "Hegel" (who I like, but also is apt to cause brain hemorhages). 2 said "Peirce," who I fairly despise. And only one person said "Marx" who, given this list, actually would be my second favorite after Nietzsche (though on a broader list Marx would be beaten out by folks like Kierkegaard).

[7] Politically, I am a Democrat (gasp!), as 21 of you seemed to know already. 6 of you guessed I might be a libertarian (though I outgrew that years ago). 4 each suggested "Republican" and "Socialist Labor." When I first registered to vote at age 18, it was as a Republican and at one time I did subscribe to the newspaper of the Socialist Labor party. 2 guessed "Constitution," which is odd since I'm not even sure what that party is.

[8] As for underwear, I like my overpriced Calvin Kleins, thank you very much. 7 of you seem to understand the irresistable softness of CK cotton. 13 answered "Fruit of the Loom," 11 said "Hanes," and 4 "BVD." Only 2 said "Jockey," which is actually the only other brand I've ever worn regularly (I know, "too much information").

[9] Baby Claire's middle name is "Elise," which 26 of you knew. 7 said "Eleanor" (the name of several of my aunts). 3 said "Elizabeth" and 1 said "Elinore."

[10] Finally, in late September Laurel and I attended the Celtic Classic festival in Bethlehem, PA. Though we have been to the Philadelphia Orchestra, it was not in late September, as 2 of you suggested. Nor have we gone swing dancing that recently, as one of you thought. And while I would enjoy Linkin Park, Laurel thinks their music sounds like it comes out of the pit of hell. So the person who though we went to one of their concerts together was mistaken.

Thanks for playing. I enjoyed looking at your answers.