28 December 2002

Blogger Reality

What you read here is the real me. But it is the what the real me is like when he blogs. The real me may be a bit different when he's not blogging, and instead finds himself in front of a classroom, busy instant messaging, chatting over drinks, or on the telephone.

Today I got to find out what the real Valerie, Sarah, Paulo, Daniel, and Brian are like when they congregate at Valerie's place for lunch and a leisurely afternoon. I had met Daniel and Brian before and had IMed briefly with both Sarah and Paulo.

Laurel and baby Claire and I made a road trip down to Baltimore for the occasion (only an hour and 40 minutes from Philadelphia) and had a very enjoyable time, thanks in large part to Valerie's generous hospitality. Here are some pictures I took:

daniel and paulo

sarah and valerie


We talked about blogging, churches, travel, family, theology, worship styles, and I can't remember what else. I ate entirely too many barbeque potato chips. Daniel, for some odd reason, wanted to interview me on a range of topics, which Paulo recorded on his laptop and turned into an MP3. Claire chattered away in the background. Then we came home, catching a quick bite to eat at a rest stop along I-95.

It was great to spend time with everyone and I look forward to seeing some of you again in late January.