29 May 2003

september conferences

I'm planning to attend two interesting conferences this September, which will both focus on the intersection of philosophy, theology, and postmodernism.

The first conference is Creation, Covenant, and Participation: Radical Orthodoxy and the Reformed Tradition, which is being held at Calvin College, September 11-13, hosted by Jamie Smith of their philosophy department and is part of their ongoing series of seminars in Christian scholarship.

Plenary speakers include: Plenary Speakers include: John Milbank (University of Virginia), Graham Ward (University of Manchester), James H. Olthuis (Institute for Christian Studies), Robert E. Webber (Northen Baptist Theological Seminary), and James K.A. Smith (Calvin College).

The second is Religion and Postmodernism 4: Transcendence and Beyond, which is being held at Villanova University, September 18-20, coordinated by Jack Caputo and Michael Scanlon.

The two main speakers are Jean-Luc Marion (University of Paris/Sorbonne) and Gianni Vattimo (University of Turin). Other speakers include Richard Kearny (Boston College), Catherine Keller (Drew University), Fergus Kerr (Edinburgh University and Blackfriars, Oxford), James P. Mackey (Edinburgh University and Trinity College, Dublin), Sallie McFague (Vancouver School of Theology), Calvin Schrag (Purdue University), Elisabeth Schüssler-Fiorenza (Harvard Divinity School), and David Wood (Vanderbilt University).

I'll report back, of course, after each of the events.