27 June 2003

book arrival

Yesterday I received a book I had ordered from amazon earlier this week: William T. Cavanaugh's Theopolitical Imagination: Discovering the Liturgy as a Political Act in an Age of Global Consumerism (T&T Clark, 2002).

The book looks pretty interesting and consists of three chapters discussing, in turn, the modern nation-state, civil society, and globalization. The first chapter seems to incorporate Cavanaugh's pervious article that debunked the "wars of religion" interpretation of history that has often served to legitimize the modern secular State.

Reading through the introduction is a bit odd since it almost seems as if he's been poking around the ideas in my own head, though that's largely attributable, I suppose, to our drawing upon common sources. While I can hardly hope to be the scholar that Cavanaugh is, I hope that I can more biblically ground some of the things he is arguing for more philosophically and theologically.