16 June 2003

va beach

Laurel and I spent the weekend at Virginia Beach visiting with 3 out of 4 of her siblings and their families, along with her mom, in a sort of family reunion. We stayed at a Holiday Trav-L-Park campground in cabins.

Here are some pics:

nephew, niece, and claire

a cabin at night

three nephews and a niece

Claire went to the beach for the first time while on this trip. Though she seemed to enjoy splashing in the ocean for about ten minutes (despite how cold the water was), she quickly decided she didn't care in the least for the hot sun, muggy atmosphere, or vast quantities of sand.

On the other hand, Claire did enjoy the swimming pools at the campground as she kicked her way through the water in her inflatable fish-shaped floatation device.

And most importantly, we managed to all make it home without sunburns.