16 July 2003

ashgate publishing

I got their catalogue in my campus mailbox and there seem to be some interesting new releases.

Two books on Thomas Aquinas look good: Nicholas M. Healy's Thomas Aquinas: Theologian of the Christian Life and Rudi te Velde's Aquinas on God.

The Healy book focuses upon Aquinas' thought from the perspective of its pastoral and evangelical focus, as a discipline designed to help us better follow Jesus, looking particularly at Aquinas' interpretation of Scripture, his trinitarian ontology, his christology and christological anthropology, and how all of this comes together in his doctrine of the church and sacraments.

The te Velde volume examines the Summa Theologiae, with an emphasis on Aquinas' theological ontology and its relationship with theological language. I've read te Velde's Participation and Substantiality in Thomas Aquinas (Brill, 1995), which was a very helpful book, especially for disabusing one of the notion that Aquinas is somehow primarily an aristotelian.

Two other books from Ashgate also look intriguing: Hugh Rayment-Packard's Impossible God: Derrida's Theology and Michel Foucault and Theology: The Politics of Religious Experience edited by James Bernauer and Jeremy Carrette.