01 August 2003

against christianity

Among the books I picked up at the BH conference was Peter Leithart's recent volume, Against Christianity. And quite the provocative book it is in its attempt to extricate the Gospel, church, and Christian faith from the bonds of modernist thought, whether liberal or evangelical.

Chapters include "Against Christianity," "Against Theology," "Against Sacraments," "Against Ethics," and "For Constantine." The style strikes me as a combination of the later Wittgenstein (particularly Philosophical Investigations) and Nietzsche, with its division into relatively short numbered sections combining meditations, exegesis, aphorisms, and parables.

It's a bombshell of a book and the antithesis of American revivalistic evangelicalism. If it is well-received (and I hope it is), then perhaps it will help shift the conversation in a direction that will draw us back towards a renewal of the best of our biblical, patristic, medieval, and reformational insights.