13 February 2004

gallican confession on baptism

Since I've got baptism on the mind still, a quote from the French La confession de foi:XXXV. We confess only two sacraments common to the whole Church, of which the first, baptism, is given as a pledge of our adoption; for by it we are grafted into the body of Christ, so as to be washed and cleansed by his blood, and then renewed in purity of life by his Holy Spirit (Rom 6.3-4; Acts 22.16; Tit 3.5; Eph 5.26). We hold, also, that although we are baptized only once, yet the gain that it symbolizes to us reaches over our whole lives and to our death, so that we have a lasting witness that Jesus Christ will always be our justification and sanctification (Rom 4; 6.22-23). Nevertheless, although it is a sacrament of faith and penitence (Mt 3.11; Mk 1.4; 16.16; Lk 3.3; Acts 13.24; 19.4), yet as God receives little children into the Church with their fathers (Mt 19.14; 1 Cor 7.14), we say, upon the authority of Jesus Christ, that the children of believing parents should be baptized.This confession was first penned by Calvin, revised and expanded by his student, Antoine de la Roche Chandieu, and adopted in 1559 in Paris by the first National Synod of the Reformed Church of France.