11 February 2004

website updates

At the suggestion of a couple of folks, I've added a number of articles, essays, reviews, and so on to my personal website. None of these are entirely new and most have appeared on this blog at some point.

This involved some reorganization of the indices to what what I've written, including a new category for "Reviews" and changing the "Cultural" category to "Arts and Culture." But for reference, here is a list of the all the new materials (organized alphabetically):
  • Annunciation

  • Cast Down the Peoples, O God

  • Covenant Conditions

  • D.A. Carson on Deconstruction

  • Deconstructing the Secular

  • Ex Opere Operato

  • Fix

  • In Broken Bread

  • Madonna and Child

  • Nominalism and the "Modern"

  • Of Holy Communion

  • Of Derrida, Rousseau, and Wanking

  • On Spiritual Gifts

  • Ritual, Word, and Synagogue

  • Sacraments and the Solas

  • Table of Plenty

  • Taking a Risk

  • There Is Another King

  • Turretin on Baptism

  • "Zdq" in Isaiah
  • I've got a few more to add at some point, but decided to stop at twenty for the time being.