10 March 2004

clothes shopping

A local department store was having an end of season sale earlier this week and we got a flyer in the mail giving us an extra 30% off the sale price. I needed some nicer tan or khaki pants since most of mine are either cargo and carpenter pants or getting pretty worn out. So I thought I'd hit the sale.

What a frustrating experience. I wear something between 30"x30" and a 32"x32", depending on make, cut, etc. I can usually find stuff in the young men's section, but that section often contains mostly more casual clothes while the regular men's section seems to gravitate towards larger sizes.

I did finally find one pair of pants that fit nicely, after trying on 8 or 9 and digging through lots of piles. Unfortunately, they weren't as inexpensive as I had hoped. I got them anyway. Not that you should care or anything.