14 June 2004


I just spent the better part of two days barely able to crawl out of bed while overcome with a high fever, repeated chills, sweats, aches, and a nasty sore throat. Thankfully, things seem to have subsided to a manageable head cold today, though I still feel a bit weak.

Illness, of course, makes a person rather useless, so Laurel's been taking up the slack, which has kept her very busy since this weekend was already packed. One of our friends had her baby on Saturday and Laurel watched their 3 year old son while she and her husband were at the hospital. The husband picked him up yesterday afternoon.

Our church library Summer Reading Contest also officially launched this Sunday. I think we have around 50 entries so far, which is a promising start. But Laurel was supposed to staff the library and be available to answer questions after both morning services. Fortunately, a friend was willing to staff the second hour so she could come home with the kids and feed them before they got too crabby.

I was supposed to teach adult Sunday School, meet with the missions commission, and work in evening nursery yesterday, but had to bail on all three, though Laurel was able to take the evening nursery shift.

In any case, I should probably take it easy today, though after a couple days of being useless, maybe I can get some not-too-strenuous work done.

Before getting sick, Laurel and I had managed to get out to the movies last week, due to the kindness of a friend who had offered to babysit Claire. We saw the newest Harry Potter flick, which I think is unarguably the best of the three films made so far, in large part due to the directorial work of Alfonso Cuarón (who also directed Y tu mamá también). Among improvements, the cinematography was really great and the plot flowed much more smoothly.

We also recently saw About Schmidt and Adaptation on DVD, both of which I'd recommend.

Well, off to rest a bit before tackling some writing.