08 June 2004

summer reading contest

When I was growing up our church library always had a summer reading contest, as did an area Christian bookstore and, sometimes, the local library.

Since I was such a voracious reader, I enjoyed entering those contests and, on several occasions, I won.

Prizes varied from a bookstore gift certificate to a museum trip in downtown Philly with the church librarians.

Now that I'm all grown up, I've become involved with our church library--along with Laurel and some friends--and enjoy making purchases, accessioning books, staffing it on the occasional Sunday, and so on.

This year we decided it was time for us to have our own summer reading contest. We announced it at the Sunday School graduation this past Sunday and have already had an enthusiastic response.

In order to publicize the contest to the church and to make rules and forms readily available, I've spent part of the past day and a half throwing together a website (well, when I wasn't busy watching after Claire or running errands).

Now that I'm done that, I've got to finish up a writing project and then move on to some other work. I don't expect to be blogging a great deal in the next couple of weeks, though, you never know.