30 June 2004

toddler fun

I've been having lots of fun spending time with my 22-month old daughter Claire this summer. We've gone on a number of outings to the park, zoo, playground, and elsewhere.

She's getting to be very talkative and seems to have a huge vocabulary, including weird stuff like "violin," "octopus," "prayerbook," and "diploma."

Her pronunciation, of course, could often use some improvement. Our friends have a new baby named Hazel whom Claire refers to as "baby Hegel" (which, of course, I think is cool). And the A.A. Milne characters include not only the conventional "Pooh," "Tigger," and "Eeyore," but also "Pigget," "Raggit," "Critfer Rogin." At least she doesn't call applesauce "backeldauce" anymore.

Claire's also getting into imaginative play. We've got an old Fisher-Price castle and she likes to put the various people in their chairs, face them against the wall, and tell them "two minutes!" giving them a time-out.

She'll also take the carriage from the castle, fill it with characters, and then roll it down the bottom several steps, yelling "CRASH!" and spilling the characters all over the floor, as she says "ouch ouch ouch." Then she picks up the queen (who she calls the "mommy") and has her kiss all the others' boo-boos.

It's a lot of fun to watch her development and all the new words and ideas she's picking up daily.