29 July 2004

the boy's department

So, I was in a department store yesterday looking at some clothes--not really intending to purchase anything--and noticed that a pair of jeans in the boy's department costs about $10 less than a nearly identical pair of jeans in the men's department, even when they're virtually the same size.  I began looking around at other pants and shirts and found this to be the case more generally.

This was a welcome discovery.  Though I'm 5'10", I'm small boned and only 140 lbs or so.  After some experimentation in a fitting room, I found that I can comfortably wear boy's XL shirts and some size 18 pants, at least if they're "relaxed fit."  On a whim, then, I looked through the sales rack of end-of-season stuff that was up to 80% off and found a nice shirt for $2.  A lot of the stuff looks like it's designed for little kids and teens, but there's a significant amount that is not so age-specific.

Note to self: try shopping in the boy's department to save money.