14 July 2004

enns on apostolic hermeneutics

Associate professor of Old Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary, Peter Enns, has a fascinating article in the Fall 2003 Westminster Theological Journal, entitled "Apostolic Hermeneutics and an Evangelical Doctrine of Scripture: Moving beyond a Modernist Impasse."

We a book group that meets sporadically here in Philadelphia, consisting mostly of folks from Tenth PCA, and this article was the topic of our last discussion, which was quite a lively and helpful one. It didn't hurt that we invited Pete Enns himself to the group and he graciously obliged.

I recommend the article for your perusal. Even if you don't accept Enns's every conclusion, it is good food for thought and represents some of the kinds of issues that evangelical interpreters of Scripture need to grapple with and think through in formulating their doctrine of inerrancy.