03 August 2004


The Amtrak train to NYC naturally was an hour and a half late. Fortunately I was going up on Sunday and not flying out until Monday. The Rev. Matt Brown, pastor of Park Slope PCA in Brooklyn graciously offered me a place to crash for the night and drove me to JFK the next morning. Matt is a really great guy and if you are ever in NYC (and especially if you move to Brooklyn), you must visit his church.

The flight to Tokyo was uneventful, though very long at nearly 14 hours, non-stop. Also factor in that I've got an irrational fear of flying. Thus for at least the first 8 hours or so in the air, every little bump or vibration left me gripping the armrests, white-knuckled. I've also not had any sleep since 6:30 EDT, almost 24 hours ago...so if this isn't coherent, that's why.

Berek met me at Tokyo-Narita airport and after a quick stop for noodles in Shinjuku, we headed to his folks' apartment, where I'm now blogging. More later.