26 August 2004


Since returning from Japan there's not been much break. The AEP orientation week, which finished yesterday, went well, despite the 12+ hour days. Yesterday involved helping students finish drafts of essays, collecting around 15 of them, going over and commenting on each of those drafts in about a 2-hour period, meeting with each student individually to explain the comments and needed corrections, and then finally helping with the revision process until satisfied the student was on the right track. I finished going over essay revisions with the students last night around 9pm and went home to collapse (though only after a generous gin and tonic).

Today is opening activities day for incoming freshmen, which means for me, a campus-wide faculty meeting from 9am-noon, a welcome picnic for new students and families, and Academic Convocation in the mid-afternoon. At least I'll be home for dinner for the first time in a week.

Tomorrow brings a breakfast meeting for Doubles and First Year Odyssey instructors, a 10:30am initial meeting with freshman adivsees, an 11am departmental meeting with incoming majors, and an academic breakout session with students regarding the summer reading assignment.

The weekend looks relatively free, except for the fact I still need to complete my syllabus and get some rest before classes begin on Monday.