05 September 2004

some recent viewing

While "Pooh and the Blustery Day" and "Lyle, the Kindly Viking" are currently the two favorite videos in our household, we have had a chance to watch a few more grown-up things lately as well.

The first was to re-watch Lost in Translation, which we had seen in the theater and holds up nicely to a second viewing, especially for me as my trip to Tokyo gives me a new way of looking at the film. I still think it is a remarkable film, especially for so young a filmmaker, both funny and deeply melancholy, with an effective use of the foreign setting as a metaphor for much of its narrative unfolding.

The second was Goodbye Lenin!, which we had wanted to see since it had first come to theaters and which is now available on video. It is a great movie and deserves the praise it has received, particularly by European critics. Again, it is a film that is both funny and melancholy, with some interesting twists and interplay of history and family.