12 September 2004

wine and spirits

Following up on the previous post, when I pushed Claire's stroller into the wine and spirits shop, my precocious toddler looked around and said, "Daddy, wine! Lots and lots of bottles of wine."

"Yes, sweetheart," I replied. "It's a wine shop." The store clerk looked on rather amused. "Claire, what colors does wine come in?" I asked.


I picked up a nearby bottle of chardonnay. "What color wine is this?"

"White wine!"

"Good. What other color does wine come in."

"Red wine, Daddy."

"Very good." Picking up another nearby bottle, I said, "This red wine is called 'Merlot.'" I turned to the shopkeeper with a grin, "Next week we start on wine regions of France."

It is pretty amazing what toddlers pick up on, though. At only two Claire distinquishes quite easily, on sight, between wine and beer. She picked up an empty beer bottle last week and pretended to have a stuffed bear drink it, saying, "Daddy, teddy drink beer! Mmmmm."

I'll have to be careful. I'm not sure whether I've got a future alcoholic or a connoisseur on my hands.

Perhaps I should add that Claire's odd bits of knowledge aren't limited to alcohol, since she asks lots of questions about everything and both her Mommy and Daddy are constantly teaching her about whatever is at hand, from gardening to music. Besides, I don't know many other two year olds who can tell you that the stone basin at church is a "font" and that they got baptized there, which, as I tell Claire, means the minister poured water on your head and Jesus said "You belong to me."