28 October 2004

big girl

Claire's growing fast, though she's still a bit small for her age, which doesn't stop her in the least from standing up to 4 year old boys when challenged. Now at age two she is talking continually, gaining new vocabulary all the time, and constructing some pretty complicated sentences. I'm always amazed how much she retains of things she's heard and books we read.

Here are a couple of recent pictures from a visit to the nearby playground in Fairmount Park:

She's got quite the head of curly blond hair these days, as you can see.

Claire loves the playground, but also going to watch the trains and wandering through shops in Manayunk. At home she keeps busy with drawing, setting up picnics for her stuffed toys, building with blocks, and setting up tents with chairs and blankets.

It's amazing watching all the changes that she's constantly growing through. And while she has her testy moments and occasional fit of anger, I know I've done nothing to deserve such a sweet, smart, and pretty little girl.