01 October 2004

first friday

Laurel and I went down to First Friday for the first time in ages, since before Claire was born. Claire joined us on this outing and we all had an absolute blast.

First Friday, sponsored by the Old City Arts Association, is an arts community "open house" the first weekend of every month, year-round, when all the galleries in Old City are open from 5pm - 9pm, along with various shops, bookstore, cafes, street musicians, vendors, and so on.

The galleries often use it as an occasion to launch new shows, complete with wine and cheese. Local independent arts and crafts people who haven't broken into the gallery scene, usually the young and edgy sort, also show off their talents in little sidewalk displays. Groups of college kids beat drums, a small band of musicians plays bluegrass, an elderly African-American squeezes an accordian, an a cappella group makes harmonies. And cafes and restaurants, when the weather is nice, fill their outdoor seats to overflowing.

It's a great opportunity to catch up on the Philly art scene, to watch a diverse variety of folks from over-dressed Mainliners to goth street punks, and to just get out in the streets and enjoy Philadelphia.

Claire loved it immensely, looking at all kinds of art and telling what she saw--shapes, colors, animals, objects, trees, people--still saying as we left, "Daddy, more pictures...another picture, Daddy, please!" She's also very social and really gets a buzz off of being around so many people.

If you're ever in Philly on the first Friday in the month, let us know and we'd love to show you around.