23 October 2004

uniformity in this kirk

Rowland Ward's lectures on the Westminster Directory for the Public Worship of God reminded me of some of my earlier posts about the history of worship in the Scottish Church up until and including the time of the Directory.

If you look up the Directory in the Free Presbyterian Publications edition, you'll find it prefaced by the Act of Scottish Parliament (6 February 1645) approving and establishing the Directory for the Scottish Church and by the Act of the Scottish Church's General Assembly (3 February 1645) doing the same.

What you won't find is the Act of 7 Februrary 1645, from the 14th Session of the General Assembly, adopting the recommendations of a Committee for "greater uniformity" of worship in the Scottish Church, particularly with regard to the implementation of the Directory. This Act includes various details about worship in general, baptism, and the administration of the Lord's Supper.

Since this Act, as far as I know, is not readily accessible and yet of historical value to those of us concerned about Reformed worship, I'm making it available online under the title, "Uniformity in This Kirk," along with an introduction and some explanatory notes. I hope it proves useful and of interest.